This one is from the Toledo Cathedral, in Spain. Two nuns took a selfie in front of the statue of Maria, Jesus’ mother in the christian faith. It is not different for me than another photograph I took a while ago near Dharmsala, in India, where a Buddhist monk took a selfie in front of an icon of Avalokiteshvara, a Buddhist deity.

Maybe there is nothing special here, maybe everything is normal… but what exactly does “normal” mean? I feel, more than I can explain, that there is something “out of balance” here. There isn’t really something wrong, more… something which is not in the right place.

The sacred is by essence a Mystery. You may have faith or not, it does not matter, the “Sacred” is the part of life which is above emotions and understanding, which is present without being visible, and which presence resists the erosion of time. This is why it is a Mystery. It also does not have to be “religious”, it can be a philosophical concept – as it is for me, as I am not a religious man.

Anyway, taking a selfie is all but Mystery. It has become one of the most common and popular expression of the manifestation of the ego. Me, me and my friends, me at this moment, me visiting this place, etc… A selfie allows us to see everything, but nothing meaningful. It destroys the imagination and kills the Mystery. So … yes, I feel quite strange, quite sad looking at this selfie.

Do me a favour… never send me your selfies!