All Art has been Contemporary

This sentence is displayed on the wall of the Egyptian Museum in Munchen (Germany). Has all Art been always contemporary? Yes, I agree, nevertheless I would make a small but significant change in the sentence: I would rather write “All Art is always contemporary”. Or even better: “was, is and will always be…”.
I understand Art as a temporarily, visible and limited manifestation of a permanent, unlimited and invisible archetype. A piece of Art would be a cultural and specific reflection and manifestation in our daily life of this archetype – which can be related to Beauty, Balance, Harmony… but also Justice and Reality – but a simple post is not enough to develop this way of perceiving Art. Here, with those words, I can only open a kind of Pandora box….
But who I am anyway to bring answers? If I can awake questions and thoughts, it is already fine for me. So…. let’s think about it. OK?