Does appearance lie? Yes, of course it does. In this image the man seems to be sitting between two wagons, when in reality, he is sitting at the dock, in front of the train, as the camera captures his reflection.

Appearance lies, and sometimes it just hits you by surprise. Sometimes you think you know somebody, you know this person for years, and suddenly you discover that the only thing you knew was a mask, an appearance. The real person was hidden under the mask, and was quite different from what they seemed to be.

Suddenly you discover that the person you trusted was not worthy of your trust. Suddenly you receive a stroke of betrayal in the face. It hurts, and you begin to wonder how could you not see this coming? You feel guilty for allowing this to occur. You have mixed feelings, rage and anger, sadness and desolation at the same time…..

But what can you do ? The past is the past, and you have to learn from experience. Life goes on, and the worst thing would be to allow this kind of experience to change you to a point you would not be able to trust any one, any more.

When you face betrayal there are two possible ways of action: you can isolate yourself, begin to doubt everybody, let the bitterness arise. Or …. you can see it as an opportunity to be stronger, to continue to trust life and people, and to open your heart to the future.

I believe that the latter is better, because life is meant for evolving and learning. I will not close my heart, I will not cease to trust people, but I am not perfect – nobody is – and there is one kind of appearance I am not willing to accept: I can accept betrayal as a fact. But I can never forget, and never excuse it.