Artist, Dreamer, Warrior

A bridge toward the invisible

The social and political awakening of the last years generates hope for a better future; yet do the political and social models we are used to allow true unity and fraternity among people? Mankind has buried it’s dreams, and is content with mere survival. Justice is no longer a philosophical value, but rather it now serves personal values.

In this book, Pierre Poulain suggests that Art is the key to creation of unity and the understanding of the common destiny among people. The Artist, through his work, makes the invisible visible. He reveals the beauty… Beauty, as it is available to everyone, is “the natural way to unite people”.

Table of contents

  • Change politics
  • A fictitious cultural pluralism
  • Israel or an apparent uni-culture
  • Union through the trans-personal – seperation through the personal
  • Art unveils a universal and unifying archetype
  • The artist’s path – a philosophical education
  • A peaceful life: Utopia or reality ?

Published by New Acropolis South-Africa

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Also printed in Hebrew