A limited selection of photographs is available for sale.

These photographs are examples of the interaction between Philosophy an Photography, the two fields I live through and study all my life.

Philosophy, as the Love of Wisdom, seeks the significance of all things.
Photography, as a Visual Medium, is the Art I have chosen as means to share a part of my Philosophical quest.

This is why most of these photographs are accompanied by text, thoughts that were inspired by them.

Each print answers to the following criteria :

  • Size : There is only one size : 54x81cm (Either Portrait or Landscape, according to the photograph selected)
  • Quality : Each print is realized by Studio Shuki Kook with the Digigraphie system by Epson, amongst the highest of standards in Art reproduction worldwide.
  • Limited series : Each print is numbered from 1 to 10, and comes with a certificate of quality and authenticity signed by myself and by “Studio Kook”. There will never be more than 10 prints in a series.
  • Medium : Each Photograph is printed on “Traditional Paper” with white border, and is delivered “as is”, to be eventually framed – or not – by the future owner according to his choice.

For more information about the price, orders, print delay and delivery, contact me directly at : pierre@www.photos-art.org