Human beings may be capable of the best, but often demonstrate their ability for the worst. We tend to be so egoistic, so egocentric that we forgot that we are living at the feet of a Giant called “Nature”.

We believe we are Gods, we think we can ignore Nature’s laws and change the world according to our desires and immediate interests. But we are wrong. Deadly wrong.

Each time it becomes necessary, Nature reminds us of its power. The climate change is just a glance of its power but its consequences are already dramatics for many, and it is urgent to initiate a real change, the sooner the better.

Nature can be subtle, and show the majesty of its strength in a peaceful way, just like in this photograph. Looking at it allows us to perceive its presence, like a sleeping giant. But don’t ignore it. Don’t try to fool it, because it will crush you in no time.

We are guests on this planet, not the owners. And Nature is here to make sure we won’t forget it.