When I was a child a clown was a clown. The clown was there to make people laugh – mostly children, but adults too.

Once the world was simpler. A meeting with a clown was always welcome, as laughing is a natural remedy to lesser the tensions and the burdens of daily life.
But today people are afraid of clowns. In the USA it seems there is a real “Clowns’ panic”, since they are perceived as menacing people hiding behind masks, ready to act viciously and abduct children. Hollywood and some famous writers are not innocent here, since some of them have become experts in the manipulation of collective consciousness.

But writing a novel about a monster wearing the face of a clown, should not be enough to create a worldwide behavioural phenomenon. So, what happened here?
Today the world is not as simple as it was. People are hiding and most of them are wearing masks. A politician is rarely somebody fighting for the good of the people. An artist would rather offer his own subjectivity, than the archetypal value of Beauty, the real Art. A philosopher is often just someone who has learned the History of Philosophy, not a living example of the ideas he teaches.

Wearing a mask has become common practice; natural. It has become natural to discover a very different reality under the mask. So, when you see the mask of a clown… beware! Who knows what is hiding there, behind the mask?