Yes, big brother is watching us, and during years I was very angry about this fact. Whatever the reason – or should I say the excuse – may be, whether it is for our security and protection, for our health, or just for being able to “offer” us better services, the many faces of “Big Brother” are present and monitoring every corner of our life.

But who is “Big Brother”? The concept comes of course from Orwell’s book “1984” (If you haven’t read it yet… do so. It’s worth it), but in our real world, big brother is part of what is called the “Maya” in India; It is an illusion to which we refer as a reality, just like the “Matrix” in the famous trilogy movies.

So, why am I not angry with Big Brother any more? Because the Matrix, Big Brother or the Maya – call it as you wish – only exists because we let it happen. If privacy is vanishing in our all digital life, it is mostly because we allowed it. Because confronting the Matrix and keeping our freedom of privacy requires an effort, and it is easier to accept and justify the comfort of a subtle and omnipresent slavery that spies on every move we make on the web, and reshapes for us the Maya, with “personalized” promotions, coupons and specifically tailored offers … for our great benefit and profit.

I am angry, but I am angry with most of you, my bothers and sisters in humanity. (And by “brothers and sisters”, I mean ALL human souls). Big Brother does not need to watch upon us because we are willingly sacrificing our privacy on the altar of ignorance and fatalism. We are offering it all the information it needs on a silver platter. Some things are difficult to escape, I agree – like, for example, a biometric passport. But why continue to serve Mara, the Emperor of the Maya (still according to Indian Mythology), who hides under names like Facebook, WhatsApp, Apple, Microsoft and many more, when better systems such as Signal, Linux, and a variety of free and open-source solutions exist? It seems we are still ignorant regarding the danger, still sleeping inside the Matrix. So when shall we awake and evolve our consciousness? and shall we ever awake?
I believe we shall. I just wonder when.