This photography was taken in the little town of Szentendre, last October in Hungary. Years separate the woman from the child, but what does this difference in years really mean? I do not know what the woman is doing with her cellphone, but when I saw the picture after I had taken it, I realized why this scene attracted me. Both – the woman and the child – seem to be immersed in their own world of desires. The child with the ice-cream, and the adult with the phone. Both ignored me completely, as they ignored the other people around them.

I wonder- is it only the object of the desire that changes during our life? Is it only the cellphone which replaces the ice-cream, or should it be more than this? Will the desire of some external entertainment always be the motor which drives us, or should we learn to replace it by something else … perhaps the Will, perhaps the Necessity, perhaps the Duty we have toward ourselves, as human beings… and if so : what should this duty be?

These are questions rather than responses, but I believe that philosophy begins as the Art of asking the right question, because if the question is the right one, then maybe the answer resides inside our own heart and we only have to dig within in order to discover it.