This photo was shot in Guatemala and it could serve as a demonstration of the Homeopathic principle: “Like cures like”. On the left there are two old men with similar white hats, while on the right stand two women with the same dresses and haircut.

These people seem to be there by chance, but chance may be the word we use when we are not able to perceive – or to undeSimilia Similibus Curenturrstand – the law or the cause which leads to this apparent result.

Henry Cartier-Bresson said once: “It is always a matter of chance” … or if I translate the “spirit” of his words from French I would say: It’s a matter of luck… and the challenge is to learn to be lucky.

But is it possible? Is it something that can be taught? I think so… but discovering “how” is something that I leave to you, for some things should maintain their natural mystery.