What does it means to practice Devotion? I am not referring to Devotion as a cultural and mechanical act, but as a natural necessity which emerges from the inner self, from the heart. Some would say that devotion is a sign of weakness, as the free and independent human being does not need to submit to any higher being or power. But I do not think so, in fact, I see it- and experience it- as the opposite. For me, Devotion is an attribute of strength, because to be able to really devote yourself to a higher goal, you first need to be devoted to yourself, to your own higher needs, and to gain your own freedom.

Devotion is a higher form of Love and consciousness, and no slave can offer the gift of Love. But are there still slaves today? Sadly yes, all those of us who believe they are living when they are merely surviving. Most of them would not recognize themselves as slaves, so strong are the walls of their cell. And because those are not visible walls, but walls in their mind, it is difficult to break them. Difficult… but not impossible.

In a way, true Devotion is at the same time the key and goal of a great revolution: a revolution of human consciousness.