I bet I don’t need to update you about the presence of a new deadly virus, wide spreading, called “Covid19” (Corona). You heard about it, right? Of course you did. Who Hasn’t!  To not hear about it, we would have had to be like the little girl in the image and close our ears… and maybe also our eyes, not to see people with strange white masks on their faces.

Seriously now: I am not a doctor, and it is not for me to talk about the specific dangers of this virus. Clearly we are facing an epidemic, and a probable pandemic. Is it good? Of course not. Is it dangerous? Yes, I believe so. Is it deadly? Yes, that is already a fact. Now, I won’t try to compare the deadliness of this virus with other deadly causes, as any other illness- even flue, war, crimes or traffic accidents. I don’t have the statistics and anyway this is not my point.

My point is the following: when we are facing danger, should we follow the instinctive reaction which is to protect ourselves before any other criteria, or should we take into consideration that we are part of humanity and that such a situation challenges the essence of our identity? To put it simply: is it legitimate to create separation in order to protect ourselves, our country and our people by closing borders and denying entrance to “strangers” in fear of them “infecting” our country… or should we face this challenge all of us together, sharing resources and intelligence, but also considering the “stranger” as being, first of all, a brother in humanity, a soul in need for help and a duty- for us- to answer this call?

There are too many walls already in your lands and in our minds. Separation destroys the unity, the beauty of life, and strengthens fear, egoism, selfishness and ignorance. It is never too late to act with humanity,  with an open mind and an open heart. Enough is enough! The Covid19 is a danger, but losing our humanity is a much deadlier danger.