If there is something I could never really understand, is the concept of fashion. I unconsciously link it to beauty, but the more I look around, the more I have to admit there is no relation between the two.

Beauty is an archetypal value. Just like the Truth, the Just, the Good. Those are ideals, perfect values, and thus we can never fully manifest them in our daily life because we are not perfect. The best we can do is to move towards perfection, changing, improving and learning from experiences.

Fashion is constantly changing, but that is not enough. There is also a need for a clear direction. Changing… yes, but toward which goal? Each change in fashion should ideally allow us to be closer to Beauty, because if not… why change? Sadly the answer is quite obvious: fashion changes because the market needs it, because brands need to sell, to make money, because this is the way of the modern slavery, creating artificial needs for unnecessary desires.

There is absolutely nothing here related to Beauty. Despite the “politically correct” way of thinking, Fashion serves financial interests, not art.

But it shouldn’t come as a surprise, unless we are still ingenuous enough to believe that lawyers serve justice, that politicians serve truth, and that every scientific application is used for the benefit of humanity.

It is like Voltaire’s hero, Candide, who discovers that, indeed, he is no longer living in “the best of all possible worlds”.