This photograph was taken during a walk on a beach in Normandy, in Northern France. There are two couples in the photo, two generations. It is not really clear if they are both walking to the same place, if their paths will cross, or – more likely – if one of the couples will walk faster and thus, the couples will never meet.

In reality, they did not meet, but I like to imagine that they did, or at least that they could have met. Why? because each generation is a link in the great chain of life, and in order for the chain to exist, the links need to connect. In other words, there is a need for transmission between generations.

The youngsters are at the beginning of an adventure, and we can imagine them having a lot of enthusiasm, because they are often not aware yet of the limitations and of the challenges they will be presented with along the path. The older couple may be slower, may lack the energy and may not be in possession of all their means, but they have experience, maturity, and hopefully, perhaps, a spark of wisdom.

What is better, what is needed? Both. And more precisely- the encounter of the links which will allow the chain to continue. This is the gift of transmission, and in this process, each part plays a role: the older generation transmits and the younger receives,
and thus the young are able to spread their wings and explore the world, not by imitating the path of the previous link, but by integrating the experience of the past, which can give them more depth to create and act in the present, toward a future which is their responsibility to imagine.