Unveiled or veiled? The dummy people have no face, and the two women walking just in the middle of them have their face hidden. Some are all white and the others wrapped in black, but the result is quite the same. The face is hidden, but the intention may even be more than this, to also hide the forms. In the end It feels as if the essence of humanity itself is being hidden.

I know that some appeals to religious freedom, and others to tradition. I am sorry but I don’t buy it. I can’t understand and consider that by hiding from the eyes of men, a woman would preserve her integrity, her dignity or her spirituality.

I consider that our higher dignity resides in our capacity to act as human beings with moral and ethic. This is something to reach, to fight for. It is a challenge. And once one would get it, he or she should spread this to the world, when the best if not the only way to transmit it is by personal example. It means that one would need to accept to be seen, to be transparent, if I may – to appear nude (it’s an allegory) under the sun for all to see what has been achieved.

Those who really have a treasure to share would not hide it. Those who hide something are often trying to hide emptiness.