What is a “home”? Most of us would say a “Home” is a place to live in. Ideally it should be a nice place with the bare minimum and a little bit more. A place with enough space for all the people who live there- it can be one individual or a whole family cell- to feel comfortable and to share intimacy.
But sometimes this bare minimum seems like a dream, an impossible goal to reach. Every year more and more people are finding themselves without any possibility to have any standards of intimacy, privacy and of course no comforts.

The cause might be the war, which is raging in more and more parts of the planet, blindly killing and destroying. The cause might be the model of the capitalistic economy. It’s so dominant and exclusive in today’s civilization that it becomes difficult to even imagine any alternative, and more realistic, system.
The cause can also be one’s own “Karma”, destiny or luck -understand it as you wish- but even Karma can- and must- be changed. After all, to change for the better, is the goal of evolution.

There are many causes and they influence each other. But in the end, the ultimate cause is us. Us meaning “Humanity”. Us meaning “Human beings”. Us- because we fail to understand that until not even one individual has to go without having the bare minimum necessary to live with dignity, we have all failed as humanity.
We have built walls in our heads to blind ourselves from seeing the absurdity of this world and the lack of ethics in our own actions. Instead, we should have built walls for the many without houses, and left our consciousness open.

Is it too late? Maybe. To be honest I am not quite optimistic, but what can we do? Nothing? Just complain and cry? I don’t think so. Look around you… There is SO MUCH each of us can do to build a better world, just by offering a personal example of kindness, ethics, goodness and justice through our daily acts.
To make the planet a better Home, is a common task for all of us to share.