This is the entrance to a commercial mall in the center of Tokyo, Japan. When I enter any mall, in any country, many times I find myself in a real state of confusion….Too many colors, too many sounds, too many offers… but all of them futile and illusionary. It’s like being in the center of the Chaos, and then I usually start finding my way out quickly.

In this case, chaos and confusion are not even hidden, but rather they appear to be part of the attraction. People are looking for it- but why? Maybe they want to escape the daily artificial order that arranges their modern environment, as seen in Tokyo for example.

The thing is that Life is an Order, an internal Order. Chaos may break the weight of a mechanical order momentarily, but it won’t allow one to find the real Order, the real Life, one’s ability to encounter his own center and to know perfectly what is his particular goal in this life.

That is why we all need a touch of Art and Philosophy.