In a market place, in Rosebank, Johannesburg, this guy was sleeping on a chair while surrounded by the wooden sculptures he was selling. My feeling was that the sculptures were in a way more alive then the guy. Maybe because he was sleeping, but surely because those sculptures were real pieces of Art.
There are many ways to define Art and it’s characteristics, but in my understanding, one of them – maybe the most essential – is that a piece of Art would emanate a ”more”, something which allow to awake the consciousness and make it more sensitive to Beauty, to Harmony and balance… that is to say: to Life.
We can only share and offer our own Nature, thus if Art emanate from Life, then it should be by essence a part of Life. Let’s consider this: Art is alive, or it is not Art! Surely it would explain why Art – and not just mastering technics and fantasy – is so important in our life. But the main question remains: what is needed to make from an artisan an artist ?