The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this photograph is the idea of Movement. It is not obvious, because this isn’t a photograph that presents the movement, like, for instance, when you take a picture of someone who is running fast, using a low shutter speed.

On the contrary- in this photo, the camera has fixed the movement of the person who is cleaning the floor. But her intention is clear, and with the fan at her side and above all, the shape of the staircase- you can perceive the whole composition as a “spiral” and in a way, this spiral resumes (resonates/simulates?) the movement of life.

The spiral is present everywhere in nature: in the development of plants as well as in fractals. I believe it is also the shape of the development of the human consciousness: a subtle movement which is always going upwards and towards the center, allowing us to experience each new cycle with a more global and subtle consciousness. For me, that is the meaning of life.