Metaphysical Aesthetic in Photography-small

Pierre Poulain takes us through a brief history of the evolution of aesthetics in photography and offers philosophical insight that reflects in the way he understands and practices his art.

“While the Beautiful is in Everything, not Everything emanates the Beautiful”. says Poulain. Only the discerning photographer, a true artist, looks deeper to discover the eternal archetype of Beauty that transcends the physical and ephemeral plane. To Poulain, the task of recognizing and pursuing Beauty is an integral facet of the human experience. He carefully demonstrates how the archetype of Beauty is linked to Truth, Justice and Goodness, and suggests that bringing Beauty into our lives will open doorways that draw us closer to the other spiritual archetypes as well.

“Since photography touches the intuition more than the rational mind,” shares Poulain, “when practiced as an Art, photography seems to be the perfect tool to awaken the consciousness of humanity”.

Table of contents

  • Photography
  • Brief History of the Aesthetics of Photography
  • Principles of Metaphysical Aesthetics
  • Modern Photography and Metaphysical Aesthetics
  • What Future Lies ahead for Photography

Published by New Acropolis Cultural Organization, India 2015

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