Mudras is a symbolic language used in Indian tradition. It’s a symbolic language based on the position of hands and fingers. It is widely used on Indian and Buddhist sculptures, and in some teaching of Yoga. It is an ancient but still alive language.
Sometimes the words limits us. A language is never similar to another one. I know by experience that French – my mother tongue language – and Hebrew – the language I use since I came to live in Israel, 33 years ago – are not 100% compatibles. Some concepts have more nuances and layers in French then Hebrew, and for other concepts it is the opposite.
Signs may seem limited also, but in another way: they are more abstracts, as they leave a greater field of interpretation for those reading those signs. They oblige us to calm down the intellectual mind always in search for a more analytic, rational and precise knowledge, and to use a wider channel of communication based on intuition and personal experience.
I would say that the practice of a symbolic language, as the Mudras for example, allow people from different cultures and backgrounds to share and understand each other better.