This view from a market street in Bangalore, India, makes me think about the never ending movement of human activity, and of life in general.

What attracts me especially in this image is not only the fact that everyone is moving. It is also that everyone is doing something different, something specific to his work or nature. People are also moving in many different directions, and even if India is often crowded, there is some space – some empty space – allowing for the movement to take place.

As human being, we all belong to this specific crowd we call “humanity”, but we all have the freedom to walk our own path inside the boundaries of what defines humanity. I mean that we are bounded by some basic ethic rules, if we want to remain “human”. Those boundaries can be seen in the photograph as the houses limiting the street. But in the street itself, each one follows his Path, his “SvaDharma” as it is understood in India.
There is not a lot of empty space either, but enough for allowing each one to walk his own Path. So looking at this photograph I wonder… do I walk my Path ? Do I follow my own and specific direction in life … or do I just “follow” ?