Nunchi is a Korean word… and this is a photograph from the Yokohama train station, in Japan. I know… I am cheating. But I don’t know the japanese equivalent word for “Nunchi”. What I do believe is that more or less the same concept exist in the Japanese culture, so… I allow myself to use an image from Japan and a word from Korea.
And what is “Nunchi” about? In english it could be translated as “harmony”, but it is more than that. It is in a way, not to manifest one’s individuality, because any personal opinion and emotion could break what seems like a collective “status-quo”. Nunchi is present when all apply to the collective norms, when there is no apparent conflicts or oppositions.
The goal is fine, to protect the collectivity, but repressing the individuality results in fact in an internal and invisible conflict. So I wonder…it seems to me that between giving priority to the individuality as often done in the westerner education, or giving priority to the “Nunchi”, the real harmony resides in a balance, in the middle path between individual and collective. The Path of the Middle is often the best solution. It is also the philosophical one.