To Paint is to deal with colours. It is mixing the colours, giving them a shape, organizing the colours in a way in which they can reveal some subtle relations, creating a visual dialogue. The variety of colours may seem infinite, but there is one element which unites them all, and that is light.

Light is present in every colour. Light is the element which allows us to perceive the colours, or allows the colours to emanate.

Allegorically, Light is consciousness. The infinite variety of colours resembles the infinite diversity of humanity: each human being is specific, different, has its own “colour” (and I don’t mean only the skin colour), but one element unites us all: Light, or in this case: consciousness.

It’s important to remember that despite the apparent diversity and separations, we are ONE! One Humanity, living on the same planet, sharing one common destiny. If we lose the consciousness of our true human nature, then separation might prevail over unity, and we will not be able to “paint”, to create, with our lives.

It is important not to lose the consciousness of Unity. Especially in these times of worldwide political storms.