Living in Parallel worlds is not a phrase which only appears in a song by Sting & the Police.
In daily life, looking at the multiplicity of Humanity, you can hear it, but also see it.

Just like this woman and this man, each one on their own train, each train going in opposite direction, both of them living in parallel worlds.

It’s quite normal, with so many people on earth, each one with his own aspirations, needs and purpose. It is normal that each of us develop our own style, our own genius, but I feel we should also be conscious of “others”, and despite the natural and healthy diversity of styles, remember that even if we are on different trains, we share the same “underground”… the same humanity.

We can go in opposite directions, but it would be of great value if instead of looking away, we could look each other in the eyes… and maybe even smile to one another.