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Sometimes we need to Dare

Sometimes we have to dare… sometimes we have to leap into the unknown. This photo, of a young man jumping into the sea from the walls of the old city of Akko, Israel, is not manipulated in any way. The water is deep enough, but there is no way to be certain of it before jumping and experiencing it.

And the guy standing below, on a rock just beneath sealevel reinforces the illusion that the water lack depth, and that it’s impossible to jump without being hurt.

Things are not always what they seem, and throughout our lives we are all confronted with this dilemma: shall we dare enter the unknown? The choice is always ours, but one thing is certain: if we don’t dare, nothing will change. Daring to enter the unknown is like jumping into the sea to discover, once under the water, a new world which cannot be perceived from the other side… from the other side of the mirror. And once we “see” the other side of the mirror, the unknown ceases to be unknown. Ignorance transforms into consciousness.