I love this sign that I saw in Soweto, South-Africa: “Alcohol won’t solve your problems… but then again, neither will water”. So what will solve our problems? Well, I believe it is not “what” but rather “who”: We shall. The solution does not come from the external but from the internal, from us. Of course there is often a need to apply a change in habits, but those changes won’t make any difference if there is not a conscious and clear understanding, decision and will to apply the change, which is always “internal”.

We may not always be the masters of what happens to us, especially in our global, interconnected world, where everything is directed to allow less and less freedom and control at an individual level. But there is a fundamental freedom which will always remain ours: the freedom to decide HOW we choose to live what occurs, what happens to us. It is not a new idea… read Epictetus, the famous Roman Stoic philosopher. But it is still accurate, even more so today.

I believe that here lies the real solution to our problems: in our ability to exercise our free will to decide how to live what happen to us.