I know, here’s yet another post about selfies. I have written a few already… so what can I say now which hasn’t already been said? Not much, but I just can’t avoid being piqued by this “ego-trip” which is now seen more or less everywhere, and at any time.

A selfie means “Here I am”, “I was here”… See? This is me! Today i’m in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and tomorrow… I don’t know… but don’t worry, I’ll send a selfie.

A selfie is meant to be shared on social networks. A selfie is meant to be seen. In fact it may just be another step in the evolution – or involution ? – of Philosophy: once, the source of consciousness was to be found in spirituality. Later, the mind became the centre of all consciousness as Descartes put it in his famous saying- “I think, therefore I am”.

Today, thinking is not required anymore: “I am seen, therefore I am” is the new truth.