This is what one has to face when in need to buy a train ticket at a rail station in Japan. To me it seems quite… complex. Not just because I don’t read Japanese, but the whole display, the diagrams, the colors, the many apparently different machines and options. Hopefully it is just a cultural issue and I believe that for a Japanese, the manner to choose a destination and to buy a ticket is something obvious, and simple.
It just makes me think about the importance of our cultural filters, our ways to perceive ourself, other people and the world around. Knowing we all have our own filters, how can we establish a transparent and fluid communication between people from so many different background ? How not to presuppose, not to interpret the emotions, thoughts and intentions of a foreigner to our own culture?
The only answer I have is that we need first to be conscious of this challenge, and then we should want to address it with patience, tolerance and empathy. Easy? No. Possible… yes, of course!