At first glance it seems as just another selfie, but there is something different, a little bit strange maybe: it’s not just one person, a couple, a family, a group of friends. It is one man and six women. So what? Maybe something in the way they stand, in silence, one after the others and all behind the man suggest… what ? Maybe because the man is taking the selfie, and then he seems to be the one “in command”, when the women would be .. what… just following him ?
Maybe, maybe there is something strange, something disturbing here, some lack of balance… or maybe is it just a matter of subjectivity, of interpretation of the image? Maybe it is really just a group of six friends who asked a guy to take the cellphone and give them a shot? Who knows….
What are the limits of our subjectivity? I bet we’ll have to continue to live with the question mark, as there is no definitive answer. At least, no definitive objective answer.