When we are young, we often don’t know what we would like to become as we grow older. Kids usually dream of being firemen, policemen, adventurers or maybe “super-heroes”. These are dreams that seem to be able to lead us to a meaningful, purposeful life.

Later we become more realistic and we put the dream aside. We try to stay open to opportunities, but in the end most of us make a living of something which does not entirely match our young dreams and aspirations.

But sometimes a real vocation is revealed, a need for something very specific. To aspire to be an artist is just one example of such a situation.

A vocation follows an Archetype, a need for an Ideal of essential value, such as Beauty, Justice, Good, Truth… To fulfill a vocation is an opportunity to live the need of the soul on a daily basis, and it allows the one who does it to feel fully alive and not just to settle for surviving.

Never undermine someone else’s search for vocation, even if you don’t understand it.
Respect the dreams of other people, and don’t try to impose your own vision of the world on them. Always help the vocation to be realized. A dream becoming true reality is one of the best things that can happen to anyone in this world.