In ancient Greek, the term Mesocosmos refers to the organized public space in which we live in. The Mesocosmos was considered to be organized according to the same natural laws which direct the Macrocosmos (the Universe) and the Microcosmos (the Human being).

Traditionally, three plains exist in the city: At the top and center lies the Acropolis, the “higher-city”, represented in ancient civilizations by the Temples, and from the time of the Renaissance- the University. Around it, in the middle, the Agora, the social space where people live, work, learn… where most of the daily activities take place. Below is the Agros, the basis, the nature, the fields and crops of the earth.

Looking at the photo above, I can’t put aside the feeling that I am looking at a new Mesocosmos, but a lower one. It seems like everything has fallen one step down. The high city has vanished, and the Agora, with its buildings, is now at the top. The Agros is now reduced to a thin strip in the middle, and the larger space is occupied by graves.

This is our present. But how shall our future look? I don’t know, but just as a tree needs time to grow and offer its fruits, I am certain that the seed of the future needs to be planted today.
So what are we waiting for in order to build a better future right now?