There is a path we can imagine…. not any path, but the One Path of Liberation, the Path of Evolution, of Illumination. Whatever the name we choose might be, I am referring to the Path which begins low, amongst the shadows of ignorance, and leads to light and wisdom, towards the peak of the highest possible levels of consciousness.

When one tries to represent this Path, it would usually be by a glorious landscape, and the culmination would be the peak of a great mountain- perhaps similar to Mount Everest.

But we don’t need to travel to the Himalayas to find the Path. It is always here, around us…inside us. Even in the darkest places, in the heart of our cities. If we look closely, even under an artificial light, we shall perceive a reflection of the Path, notice a spark which can remind us that this Path should be followed by everyone, anywhere… and at any time.