Shoes have a purpose: we wear them in order to walk. And walking is to be in movement, to be alive. There is always a Path to walk, and it is not always a physical one. Shoes are just a symbol to remind us that we need to get on the Path of living with the right tools. We need good shoes, we need to be prepared.

In life we need to choose wisely, which is not easy. We need to use our experience, to learn from our mistakes, to be able to use discernment, if not wisdom. This demands a certain amount of preparation, and I believe the best preparation one could achieve for his travel in life is to “know thyself”. It is the purpose of Philosophy to provide this knowledge, but still… one must choose wisely what kind of philosophy and find the one which suits him well.

Like in the Shoes shop, there are many shoes to choose from but perhaps only one fits our feet. So… patience and perseverance. With the right shoes on our feet and the right thoughts in our mind, we’ll be ready for walking the greatest of Paths.