Paris, place de l’Odéon, the heart of the “Quartier Latin”, the beating heart of Paris between Saint-Germain and Saint-Michel. A lot of people, young people, students. We are close to the Sorbonne and not far from Jussieu, two of the main universities in Paris. A lot of restaurants and coffee-bars are open late in this month of august.

In the middle of this non stop movement, a couple is kissing as if they were alone in the world, like on a lost island in the middle of the ocean, far away from Paris.

Love is so powerful that it can see only itself and shuts all the “noise” around. When it happens, even if the world would fall apart, lovers would not care because they would not really be aware of it. Love is a force which can help us fight lack of concentration and dispersion. Love always reminds us of our goal: the object of our love.

But Love is not limited to one individual. It can be found in the soul of a partner but also in more subtle and maybe wider places as love for Humanity, love for Justice, love for Beauty, love for Truth. Love is the strength of the philosophers, the adventurers, the idealists and the artists who are fighting for their understanding of a better life and won’t let the circumstances around obscure the light of their love.

Love, in a way, is too important and too strong to be shared only between two souls. It should spread and touch all of us. I believe this to be a worthy fight.