When I took this photo in Mumbai, India, it reminded me of a quote from a book named “Citadel” by Antoine de St. Exupery- which goes more or less like this: “If you want to teach a group of people how to build a boat, don’t give them orders- teach them the love for the Sea.”

The boat is just the means to achieve the goal. Being on a journey, is the Goal.

Our materialistic education and culture, emphasizes the need for means. We strongly believe that first we need to possess the means and then we shall be able to achieve the goal.
From my personal experience, I have learned that it is often the opposite. When the goal is a real need – not just an intellectual curiosity or the yearning of an emotion – when the goal belongs to the reality and not the fantasy, then the means will appear.

They will not appear as a gift from heaven, but as a new potential which will emerge from the individual – or a group of individuals – as an answer to the call of necessity.

If the people really love the sea, they will find a way to build the boat.
If people really love life, they will find how to be fully Alive and cease to settle for only surviving.