This is a photograph from the Portuguese coast, facing the Atlantic ocean. If I am not wrong, this place is considered as the most extreme occidental land. The wind is often strong, just like when I was there.
As always nowadays, you won’t find people without cellular phone, especially tourists taking pictures from… well…. from everything. I remember the wind… also the rain… and the clouds. There was in fact not much for a photograph to be taken – a part maybe those people, which were not trying to take a pictures but were trying to … catch the wind. To take an image of the situation. Really? Can we catch the wind? Yes, I believe so… but not like this. It’s effects can be seen on people, as on the woman walking on the right. But the wind itself? Those kind of moments have to stay in our memories and we should keep them alive. I know… it’s more difficult than filling a “memory card”, it is true. But this is also what “being alive”, or “being human” means.