This is a photograph from the Portuguese coast, facing the Atlantic ocean. If I am not mistaken, this place is considered to be the westernmost point of continental Europe, surrounded only by the ocean. The wind here is always strong, and people come to experience its strength.

As always nowadays, you won’t find people without a cellular phone, especially tourists taking pictures of… well…. of everything. I remember the wind… also the rain… and the clouds.

There was not much to photograph that day- apart maybe from these people who were not trying to take a picture but were trying to … catch the wind. To take a picture of the situation. Really? Can we catch the wind? Yes, I believe so… but not like this. It’s effects can be seen on people, such as on the woman walking on the right. But when everything is gray, foggy and without contrast, I believe it would be better to keep those moments alive in our memories. I know… it’s more difficult than filling a “memory card”, it is true. But this is also what “being alive”, or “being human” means.