This shot is from the shuttle between the satellite and the main terminal “T4”, in Barajas, the Madrid airport in Spain. In planes, trains, cars… whatever: most of us are travelling, and we travel often. Always more often. Always further away.
The world seems to have become a village, as we find the same tourists and shops (for the tourists) more or less… everywhere. But under the superficial layer of appearance, our world is like a symphonic orchestra where each musician represents a specific culture, and where the director of the orchestra has the mission of creating and maintaining the harmony between the musicians, finding the way to create a piece of art and not a chaotic noise.
In every culture resides a treasure, and it worth taking the time to discover and appreciate it. As strange and different from our own culture and habits, an encounter with a new culture is like looking at ourself in the mirror and paying attention for the first time to some forgotten aspects of our own humanity.