Life is movement, and movement changes us. Do we have any control over it? Yes, at least in part. Of course we cannot escape the passing of time which ages us and challenges us with some common situations. I remember when I was 40, I discovered that I have to accept some physical limitations – for example, the need to wear glasses for the first time. Then at 60, I understood that I would have to live with the constant presence of pain. Not a big pain – not yet, hopefully – just some discomfort… but that “something” would always hurt, today my back, tomorrow a tooth, then a muscle, etc… This is not in our control, but something else is: time allows us to accumulate experiences, and those experiences can change according to our capacity to process them, and to the general direction we choose to give our life.

Life constantly presents us with a choice to make. In many situations, there is a path toward the light, the Good, the Beautiful, the Just… and another one which leads, maybe not to the opposite – darkness and evil –,but at least to a lack of light, to compromising what we know deep in our heart is the right choice.

And what would that choice be? Well, in a few words I would say: Always choose to walk toward the light!