On the back of this guy’s shirt is written in french- “#ON EST ENSEMBLE”, its literal translation being- “#We are together”, but its real meaning would be more “#We stand together”. This is written in the manner of a social network hashtag, to be shared with others.

I understand the context, as this was captured at the exit of a subway station in Paris. There are many community issues in Europe these days. The recent waves of immigration of people ready to put everything at risk in order to find shelter in Europe, far from war and misery, has indeed increased in various aspects many reactions based on the fear of the stranger (other) and a basic instinct of egocentric survival.

It is not for me to say how deep this phenomena has spread in Europe. Surely some are trying to minimize it… and others to emphasis it. Sadly today, most of the media and politicians have no ethical problem “adapting” the facts to their own interest. This is a fact.

I am just glad to see that an anonymous guy alone in the crowd bears a message of hope and union. Will it be enough to raise the light of intelligence and to protect what still remains of fraternity among us? I am not sure. The goal seems sometimes so far, everyday it seems that more clouds are gathering upon us but nobody among those “in charge” is paying attention. But it doesn’t really matter, because for those who do pay attention, hopefully you and me, there is no other choice.

I remember some ancient teaching of philosophy saying that it is not enough for us to be aware of the presence of obscurity. What is required is to fight and to defeat it.