A recurrent justification we use to give to ourself is “I can’t do this now, I don’t have the time. I need to attend other responsibilities. When I’ll be older, when I’ll retire, I’ll have time for this”.
Seeing those two guys at a café terrace, enjoying a beer, reminds me of this. They seems to be happy, to have time.. but are they really able to achieve NOW what they could not achieve before?
I don’t know. I don’t know them and I won’t judge anybody, but one thing I know for sure: Time is never really a justification.
Time is always present, always with us. There is no moment in life when we have less or more time. Time does not change, what does are our priorities. We give our attention to what matters us more, and if something really worth it for us, we’ll always find the time to deal with it. If not, it usually means that it is after all, not so important for us.
So, instead of thinking that one will achieve a specific task “when he will have time”, I prefer to consider “when he will give to this task enough importance”. Time was never guilty, and will never be.